Save Our Sanity (Part 3)!!

Save Our Sanity (Part 3)!!

Hi everyone and welcome back to SOS! Well, here is the news: we are still quarantined as this COVID19 is really doing its thing. BUT…we are having a great time at Mobi Headquarters getting creative, going on walks with our little family unit and of course playing.

As you can tell from what we do at Mobi …. we are all about open ended play. Open ended play is play that doesn’t have a set outcome. What sort of toys are open ended? Anything that does not have a way it is supposed to be used!!

SOS: Save our Sanity (Part 2)!!

SOS: Save our Sanity (Part 2)!!


Hello and happy Tuesday, March 24th 2020! Like most of you …. we are still in isolation, and still coming up with creative ways to entertain our kiddos at home. Keeping everyone safe and healthy is our priority as parents! Keeping sane as parents…that’s also our priority ;)

So…what’s happening in our house??? We maybe, just maybe have some fun, educational games that we’ve created hiding in our storage room. Today we brought up Mobi Kids and started playing!

Activity Booklet!

Our son Noah is 6 and loves numbers. He always has. So getting him to playing with tactile number tiles is pretty easy for us! The picture below is actually from when he was 3! Mobi Kids comes with an Activity Booklet that takes a step-by-step progression towards making equations. So even when you have young little people in your household, they can start playing and getting comfortable with numbers! Pretty awesome right?

We’ve attached the link here so even if you don’t have Mobi Kids (or have Original Mobi and want the resource!) you can access it!

Activity Booklet


Original Game Play!

Once your kids are ready to make equations on their own…you can start playing Mobi Kids!

Mobi Kids is a gentle approach to numbers/math. Each player gets their own set of tiles and the operation tiles are communal. Players try to connect all their number tiles (using operation tiles) before the other player!


Other ways to play with Mobi Kids!

  • Kate’s Way! Our daughter Kate is 2 and a half. When she isn’t hiding number tiles on us….and we are able to get her to sit still for a second, we play “Kate’s Way!”.

I say: Kate can you find all the 2s?

Kate collects the 2.

I say: Kate can you find all the 8s?

Kate collects all the 8s.


….. you get the idea. Such a simple game but for number recognition, tactile play and fun…..this is amazing when you are 2!!!!!!


  • What If??? Noah always likes to shake things up, so we created “What If?”

I say: Noah, what if I had 5 pet monsters and 2 went to the park? How many monsters would I have left??

Noah finds the number 3 tile.

 Noah's Monster! 


I say: Noah, you have 3 cookies and Kate has 5 cookies. How many total cookies are there?

Noah finds the number 8 tile.

Again….you get the idea. Super simple but for the kids, mental math is at play and they get to see you as their parent get creative!


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Until next time!


Much Love,
Team Mobi
SOS: Save Our Sanity!! Part 1

SOS: Save Our Sanity!! Part 1

Team Mobi here! If you are a parent, you have probably been scouring the internet like most others looking for activities for your kids that are somewhat educational as well as time consuming.  We talked to some of our teacher friends and fellow parents to see what they’ve been up to in the first couple weeks of quarantine 2020.

 Jen is an elementary school teacher-librarian and has the 2 sweetest girls, Isabelle (age 8) and Sophia (age 5).  They’ve been spending their days doing TONS of fun, creative, and educational activities.  Normally, Isabelle is an avid dancer and Sophia loves her basketball classes, but since we are practicing social distancing in Toronto, their usual activities have been put on hold.  Here is one very fun day that secretly incorporated some educational components!

Plan a Party For Your Best Stuffy!

You can make this event a whole day of learning incorporating math, literacy, and creativity based on play.

  • Create nets (ie. to make a cone shape) to make party hats and measure length for straps. For younger kids use non-standard units of measure like paper clips, cubes, or buttons - anything that is the same size.  For older kids, guide them on how to use a ruler.
  • Decorate the hats. Find any of the odds and ends craft supplies in your house and use them to make super fun party hats!

nets, paper hat, mobi games, mobi

  • Make presents for the birthday guest – Isabelle and Sophia made little bags and wallets out of paper
  • Make guest giveaway loot bags: for example, pipe cleaner bracelets and tickets to a puppet show (do your own puppet show later)

pipe cleaner bracelet, mobi games, mobi

  • Find recipes online and in children’s cookbooks and create a menu together
  • Cook and bake together (chopping, washing, stirring, measuring)
  • Come up with a theme for the party, get dressed up, take out your crystal and fancy plates... make anything possible!

stuffy party, mobi games, fun activity

Did you end up trying this out?  Leave a comment below and let us know how it went!

Tune in for more ideas from our friends and family to yours!

 Much love,

 Team Mobi

March 24, 2020 — Mobi Games Inc