We are a company that is passionate about fun. Parents who never want to "grow up", with little ones who makes that rather easy! We long to inspire creativity and curiosity and believe in the power of play.

Möbi Games Inc. was created to reflect our shared passions and values: having fun and finding joy in what we do, connecting to people while unplugging from things, making a difference in the lives we touch and embracing learning wherever and whenever possible.

We started with numbers. Thank you for loving Möbi and making numbers dance! Möbi Kids followed and now we are excited to introduce our new games, BLLÖX and Ultimö to you!

Thank you for supporting our little company and your efforts to help it grow. We now have games all over the world and that is in large part to all of you!

We are excited to see where this journey takes us!

- Vanessa, Mark, Noah and baby Kate