Mobi Kids and Sudoku!

Mobi Kids and Sudoku!

Mobi Kids and Sudoku!

Hi everyone! We are mixing two of our favourite games in this post… Mobi Kids and Sudoku! You can go ahead and print off the grids we’ve made!!

One thing that we love doing as a family is playing games. We happened upon a Sudoku for kids book at our Nana and Papa’s house last weekend and our 6 year old took to it immediately. We were honestly kind of surprised as sitting still does not happen too much with this little…but sit he did!

One tricky things that was pointed out was how the little grids were. Our son found it difficult to make his numbers so small. If you follow us on Instagram…you will see that our numbers are VERY BIG right now! To make Sudoku work for us…we simply took the grid and drew it on a bigger piece of paper – perfect! This worked in terms of fitting our numbers into boxes and also gave us some room to write down the possible numbers at the top of the boxes. Win, win, win!!!

 Awesome things about play Sudoku with Mobi tiles….

  • You can move tiles around at will and try variations of play very easily.
  • There is a tactile approach added to the game.
  • The game becomes more colourful
  • You can play the same grid over and over because once you take the tiles off, the grid is clean!
  • Playing with numbers will get your littles comfortable with numbers. The fact they can try and try again without have to commit to a move proved to be really positive for our family. “What if we tried this?” …. Hmmmm “What if we put this tile here? Would that work?”
  • The game becomes cooperative for multiple players. We were able to play as family. With a pencil, that is a little tricky, but with Mobi tiles, Sudoku became a working puzzle.

We’d love to hear about other ways you play with Mobi tiles! The possibilities are endless! We've included some here for you to play with!!

How do you play with Mobi?!?!?!


Be well!
Xo Team Mobi





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