Möbi and Möbi Kids

That’s right. We left zeros out of Möbi as we wanted to encourage people to get creative with
numbers. When we play tested the game, people either got stuck with zeros or thought they
made the game too easy.
This isn’t to say that equations can’t equal zero though! For example, your equation could read:
5-3-2=10-10 or 5-5=6-6
*Möbi Kids has wild tiles that can be zero!

When we tested Möbi, most players did not choose to use the multiplication/division tiles so
we figured out just how many to get in there to encourage the use of them, but not overwhelm
players in speedy game with tiles that they didn’t gravitate to naturally.
Hint: once you start using them, the game opens up so much!

There are a number of differences between the two games:
Möbi has tiles (162) vs Möbi Kids (86).
Möbi has multiplication/division tiles, Möbi Kids does not.
Möbi gameplay: fast, frantic, fun Möbi Kids gameplay: gentle, collaborative
Möbi Kids comes with an activity booklet inside that provides a step-by-step progression
towards making equations.
Möbi is for ages 8-108, Möbi Kids is for ages 4+

Just send us an email to sales@playmobi.com. We would be happy to send you some in the


We are happy to say that our wood blocks are made out of sustainable wood. FSC stands for
Forest Stewardship Council. We can track our wood back to its source!

The Wacky Pack is a set of card that come included with the game. These cards offer wacky and
creative ways to play Bllöx. For example, the card would prompt you to build your stack while hopping on one foot, or while only using pinky fingers, building on a body part or patty your
head. It all gets a little crazy when you open the Wacky Pack!


The concept behind Ultimö is super simple, you’re right! But…your strategy will always depend
on what your opponent does on their turn, so the game is always changing. Don’t forget, there
are a million and one ways to arrange the dice to start the game. Each orientation provides a
new challenge and two games are never the same!

Still think it’s easy? Try switching the rules….so instead of wanting the gold die, try NOT to get
the gold die!


Yes, think dominoes but with a colorful, geometric twist! This twist in addition to the 5 ways to
play, make Stellö a great game for all ages and all levels of competitiveness!

We offer 5 ways to play in the instruction book, but there are countless other ways to play! If
you love playing Stellö in a way we haven’t described, please let us know! We’d love to hear
from you!

We wanted to give Stellö players as much freedom as possible. If you use the yellow tiles as
wild tiles, the game is a little easier. If you use the wild tiles as block tiles, the strategy in the
game picks up!


Haha! Great question! Zippee is a multi-sensory silicone activity toy for 6months+.

Zippee was inspired by our daughter Kate who loved pulling shoelaces and chewing on the soles
of our shoes! Fun, but pretty gross! So we poked holes in the top of a Mason jar and put in
shoelaces and both Kate and our son Noah loved playing with it. So….we teamed up with
doctors and therapists to create an alternative that was clean, safe and playfully therapeutic.

- Designed to encourage and support fine and gross motor skills, sensory exploration,
midline play and cause and effect

- Made with bright colors help stimulate baby’s developing vision
- Flexible and soft teething edges, textured cords and easy to hold grips
- Can hear and feel the various sounds and vibrations the cords make as they are pulled
side to side

Yes! Zippee is made out of food grade silicone. It is also BPA free, latex free and phthalate free.

You can put Zippee in the top rack of your dishwasher or clean it with warm water in the sink!

It can be!!! Totally safe for the tub!

Yes. Zippee has passed all the stringent North American standards for safety!


Peeka was inspired by our two little ones - Kate, who loves holding a mirror while we
change her diaper and Noah, who as a preemie required as much developmental play and
support as possible. When we looked at the mirrors on the market, we knew we could do
better. So we teamed up with doctors and therapists (and parents and babies) to make a
mirror that was safe, portable, multidimensional and packed with developmental play!

One of the great things about Peeka is that it is multifunctional. At first, the idea for Peeka was
to make a safe, small mirror that our daughter could hold when we were changing her diaper.
She loved it and it entertained her! Great for baby…great for the diaper changer! Then, we
decided to add a dimension by allowing the rail to flip back…making it perfect for tummy-time!

Click here to find out!

With a warm cloth!

Of course! We’ve been amazed at all the thing babies do with with Peeka! Peeka is made
out of food grade silicone. It is also BPA free, latex free and phthalate free. Chew away!