Mommy School Using Mobi Tools!

Mommy School Using Mobi Tools!

Mommy School using Mobi Tools!

 Hi everyone! Learning math is tricky. When we started developing Mobi….we didn’t have any kids yet. So we were grownups playing with numbers. Super nerdy grownups, but grownups nonetheless. Now that we have little ones …. we are really seeing the benefits of all our games in terms of developmental tools for learning.

We’ve been working on both math and reading and other activities with our six-year-old son as of late. He is a super smart little guy but does NOT like to sit still …. but he does like to play. This is kind of all we are about at Mobi: combining learning and games/toys. Sometimes trickier when you are working with your own kids, but it is really proving beneficial for our son and for our family. 

How are we using Mobi toys/games in “mommy school” with our 6 year old?

  • Ultimo Dice: We started with these to do very simple addition and subtraction with a little worksheet I make up. I will include a picture below. Please note our 6 year old’s creative liberties! With each equation, we as our son to use the Ultimo dice to figure out the answer. For the most part addition is done in his head …. subtraction on the other hand is proving tricky and is where the dice really come in.


So, if the equation read 8-3, we would ask our son to pick 8 dice (sneaking in counting and tactile play here)…and then take 3 of those dice away. Once he sees the result physically in front of him, subtraction seems to make sense and he really enjoys it. 

  • Mobi Kids Tiles: Mobi tiles make sense. It’s a math game! Once we got comfortable with the Ultimo dice, we moved into the Mobi Kids tiles. They only go up to 10 so the numbers remain comfortable for starting equations.* When we started I made the equations before our son sat down to answer them.

Using the example above: 8-3=? I would leave the answer blank and my son would have to find the number tile that answered the equation correctly. Visual processing skills are at work when he is looking for the 5 tile. Then fine motor skills are at work to pick up the tile and place it in line with the equation. Oh yes … and he is also learning math!!!!! Amazing right?! 

  • Bllox Blocks: Sequencing: Noah’s teacher has been working on sequencing at school. This wasn’t something Noah took to quickly. He understood the ABAB very well but anything beyond that was tricky when we talked about it without physical representation. We started using Bllox blocks as a tool to understand sequencing further and these colorful blocks really did the trick. Check out the ABAB, ABBA and ABCABC sequences he built! 

So many ways to play with our product! How are you playing with Mobi products? We would love to hear!!


Be well!
Xo Team Mobi


*Although Mobi Kids tiles only go to value 10…equations greater than 10 can be made. For example 10+5=8+7.

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