Kids and Racism

Kids and Racism

Kids and Racism

These conversations must be had. They can be tricky as we always want to say the “right” thing but by being silent so that we don’t say the “wrong” thing…we are part of the problem. I’m writing this blog, not to tell anyone what to do or say but to share some great and helpful resources I have found. History and present-day prove that we can and must be better. Our little ones look to us as examples and I've found that when we are able to speak about topics openly, so many great questions and conversations come to light. We've found the topic of race to be no different.

I’ve been reading a number of great articles on kids and racism and I will share them below. They are well worth the read and provide both great content and great reading suggestions. Reading is a really popular time in our household and I’m looking to purchase a number of these recommendations for my little ones. Author Christine Taylor-Butler notes to “provide 20 joyful books for every one book about racism. [Kids] need to know POC kids are like every other kid.”

Here we go!

Read Brightly:

Olugbemisola Rudya-Perkovich:

Olugbemisola is a mom, wife, sister, friend and library lover. She is also the author of great books like 8th Grade Superzero.

Olubbemisola’s “How to Talk to Kids about Racism: Books and Resources That Can Help” is filled with both big and small tidbits that you can use as a parent. There are also numerous book recommendations…


Parent Toolkit:

This is a great article that dives into talking about race, setting examples, helping kids navigate their curiosity, making the topic relatable, being open about mistakes and being an advocate.


Brittany Smith:

Brittany is a Pre-K teacher from New Jersey and she recently shared a list of children’s books that discuss race and racism. You can find the list in the link below. Adding these to my book order!


I hope these have been of interest. We’d love to hear from you and what you are reading with your little ones, how you are approaching this topic with your littles ones … and how you are doing in general.


Sending love and light.
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